Hoxton Health

Half price treatments available to new patients in January and February. Call us on 020 7739 2533 or drop in to see us on 2nd Floor of St Leonard’s so find out more. Click here for the therapies page to find out what might suit you.






Getting older has its good side: you’re more confident, you know your own mind and you’re not afraid to speak it.

It’s got its drawbacks too: losing strength, going grey and being more prone to age-related ill-health like arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes.

At Hoxton Health we believe that there is so much you can do about that. No matter what your state of health you can start taking steps that will improve things; sometimes in small ways, sometimes in life-changing ways. Maybe it’s a fun way to get you back into moving more or shiatsu-massage to help you relax and sleep better.

If you have an open mind Hoxton Health is the place for you.

We are dedicated to helping everyone as they age to be able to make choices that will lead to improved health and wellbeing.