Clinic Administrator

To apply, please send an email to by 4th May 2017 outlining how you meet all the criteria laid out in the person specification. If you have any queries about the role, call us on 020 7739 2533. Or come in and visit us.

Hoxton Health Clinic Administrator: JOB DESCRIPTION and PERSON SPECIFICATION

JOB TITLE:                        Clinic administrator

REPORTS TO:                    The Manager

HOURS:                                 25 hours per week

PAY:                                     £15,000 pa

Job Summary:

The Clinic Administrator is responsible for ensuring that our patients have a welcoming and efficient service. In order to do this they will run the clinics and reception, with the help of volunteers, under the supervision of the Manager.

The post-holder holds the key to the well-being of Hoxton Health and in order for us to thrive we want an enthusiastic, reliable and efficient person.

There is potential for this role to increase with the growth of the practice.

Job responsibilities:


Greeting patients and potential patients in a friendly and efficient manner.

Ensuring practitioners have patient files for their clinics including making up new files.

Ensuring the security of patient information by maintaining confidentiality, carefully filing files and locking cabinets.

Ensuring we efficiently keep patient information and archive old files in a timely manner.

Ensuring that all bookings are made accurately on the computer booking system and patients are reminded of their appointments and understand the cancellation payment policy.

Enabling us to evaluate patient progress by administering our monitoring system.

Ensuring that the kitchen is clean and tidy and well provided with refreshments.

Sending out information and application forms to new patients.


Liaising with practitioners to understand their clinical needs and appointments.

Contributing to the effective timetabling of the clinics.

Practice rooms:

Ensuring that the practice rooms are well presented for each clinic including provision of clinic materials (couch rolls, laundry, oils, needles etc).


Ensuring patients are issued with accurate receipts for their payments and are charged in accordance with our policy.

Reconciling money at the end of each day and banking it each week.

Responsibility for petty cash and accounting for it.

General office:

Opening and setting up the office and clinic in the morning.

Ensuring messages are recorded and passed on to the appropriate person.

Collecting and distributing post.

Booking meeting rooms.


Helping volunteers learn work skills during their time with Hoxton Health by modelling good work behaviour and supporting them to learn administrative skills.

Overseeing work of admin volunteers.

Hoxton Health:

Promoting the work of Hoxton Health

Working in accordance with Hoxton Health Policy and Procedure.

Contributing to the development of Hoxton Health through supervision and staff meetings.

Any other reasonable task the manager asks.



Person Specification

As part of a small team running Hoxton Health, each staff member has a vital role to play. Below is a list of the skills, experience and characteristics we think are important to undertake the role of Clinic Administrator.


Our purpose is to provide services, primarily to older people and those with complex health needs. The reception area can be hectic and there can be several demands on your time at any given moment. Please demonstrate that you have:

  1. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal. You will need to be able to communicate well and appropriately to a range of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, including people with poor or very little English and those with disability restrictions on their communications.
  1. An understanding of the needs of older people and those with complex health needs.
  2. The ability to work calmly under pressure and maintain a positive attitude.
  1. An understanding of the issues around confidentiality and the need to maintain confidentiality.
  1. Sensitivity about the ability of people to be able to read and diplomatically help anyone who has trouble reading and writing.

The Clinic

We have a team of independent practitioners providing a range of services on different days of the week. It is essential that the diary is kept accurately, that service users are reminded of their appointments and practitioners know when they need to work. Please demonstrate that you have:

  1. The ability to reliably open the clinic in a timely manner at the beginning of the day (8.45am) and provide a good handover at the end of your day.
  1. Good computer skills and proficiency in Excel and Word and the ability to quickly pick up new IT systems.
  1. The ability to demonstrate good work skills, to teach and mentor volunteers working in reception and admin tasks.
  1. An understanding of the need and ability to keep files efficiently; accurately filed and made available to practitioners as necessary.
  1. The ability to account for money and keep petty cash accounts and daily takings accurately.


Our goal is to help older people live as happy and independent lives as possible. Please demonstrate that you have:

  1. An interest in complementary therapies and exercise and their effect on the health of older people in particular.
  1. The ability to understand and enthusiastically promote of our services.