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  • “Consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”  Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

    Dancing for your life

    Do you remember dancing? Going out on Friday and Saturday nights, coming home exhausted but just buzzing from just it. I spent five years of my life dancing most nights... Continue reading

  • Well, fancy that, I’m doing Tai Chi!

    Tai chi Tai chi? My knees don’t work. I’ve got several slipped discs in my back. I’m frightened of having a fall. Every bit of me aches. And I’d lost... Continue reading

  • Nordic Walking

    Nordic Walking

    FREE Taster NORDIC WALKING classes, for Hackney Residents aged 60 and over. Offered for the afternoons of Monday 7th March and Tuesday 8th March. If you would like to come... Continue reading