Diabetes and mindfulness

alt="diabetes mindfulness"Who has type 2 diabetes?

82% of people with Type II diabetes in England and Wales are over the age of 50. Losing weight and increasing levels of activity is difficult for older people as our habits become more entrenched, metabolism slows with age and grief and bereavement lead to more of us living alone.

What can be done about it?

Mindfulness is a technique that teaches people to become aware of their moment-by-moment thoughts in a way that is shown to be effective in diabetes management because awareness of the previously unconscious workings of the brain allows them to make decisions rather than act on auto-pilot.


Mindfulness can improve glycemic control and reduce the chance of having hypo/hyperglycemic episodes.Studies show that where participants completed a mindfulness course for 8 weeks, along with keeping a diary of the exercise and a diet regime, at a one month follow up point, HbA1c levels and blood pressure were significantly reduced, over a control group. Participants also reported that emotionally they felt less anxiety and depression meaning they subsequently were in a better frame of mind to self manage their diabetes. Take a look at the Diabetes.co.uk website for more information.

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