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Hoxton Health
Why we do what we do

According to the Disabled Living Foundation, more older people fear loss of independence than fear death. Hoxton Health provides a range of services to help them retain their independence by enjoying better health in later life.

Where we do it

Hoxton Health was set up as a charity in 1987 to provide older people in Hoxton with a range of low-cost complementary therapies. We have grown into the major provider of complementary health care and specialised and supported classes for older people in East London.

We are based in St Leonard’s, the old hospital on Kingsland Road, Hackney and have a small suite of rooms on the second floor. We are also starting to work in care homes across the borough to bring our philosophy of better health in later life to people no longer living in their own homes.

Who we do it withquote1

We are a provider of services for One Hackney and we are working in partnership with MRS Independent Living to run ‘Mindfulness for Health‘ a series of 8-week courses run across Hackney.

We are committed to providing work for volunteers. At Hoxton Health we believe that volunteers bring a vibrancy and energy to the organisation that is enjoyed by our service users and staff. At the same time we pride ourselves on providing a challenging and supportive environment for the volunteers who work with us, no matter what their sphere of work or their reasons for volunteering.