Nordic walking

PastedGraphic-1A gentle safe way to walk yourself fitter!

The great thing about Nordic Walking is its adaptability and suitability for all ages and fitness levels. This will be a beginners’ class aimed at people over 60 and people who are not used to exercise. Everybody will be able to take the class at their own pace and level.

Our walks will help to improve general fitness and strength and they should also help with joint mobility, flexibility and balance. Nordic walking helps you walk in a comfortable posture and should help various aches and pains – it can be particularly helpful with neck and shoulder problems and it is suitable for people who want to build up to longer or more energetic walks or have concerns about their health.

It’s great for people who enjoy walking but could do with that little bit more ‘oomph’.

What to wear

Dress as if you are going to an exercise class. We will do a warm up and cool down stretches, so wear loose comfortable clothing (no belts or tight jeans that dig into your stomach). Tracksuit bottoms and/or leggings might be best. But remember you will be outdoors so dress for the weather with a waterproof coat if you need to, and layers that are easily removed in hotter weather.

Comfortable, fairly flat supportive trainers are a must. Michelle recommends Skechers or Clarks walking trainers.

In hotter weather please bring a small bottle of water with you, perhaps in a small backpack.

If you are on medication please make sure you have taken it and eaten appropriately before the class. Diabetics – please carry a sugary snack with you in case of emergency.

About Michelle

Michelle has lived in London all her life and has worked at Hoxton Health for ten years practising aromatherapy and sports massage. She trained at City & Islington College, and The City Lit Institute, and holds Level 3 Diplomas in many types of Massage. She also does Nutritional Advice.

She has recently become very excited about Nordic Walking and trained with Nordic Walking UK to become an Instructor in Nordic Walking.

Come and join us.