Reaching 60

Happy birthday?

Happy birthday?

Of all the landmarks of birthdays 60 has got to be one of the biggest. Being a woman, all my life I expected that is when I was going to retire. Well, that has changed and I’m now down for retiring at 67 but I can’t imagine it.

Just as life seems to go faster every year, age seems to take its toll more and more every year. I remember being 30 and my friends all commiserating with each other about how things had changed. At 40 they said everything started going south. At 50 that you just can’t have a slim waist anymore. At 60 it seems to be a bit less about appearance, not because it doesn’t matter or it isn’t getting worse, but the terrifying truth is that unless I keep really active I am losing the strength and ability to be active.

So my resolution is to get moving and stay moving.

I’d love to hear what you did to keep active and what you do to keep motivated. Let me know below.

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