Seated chair exercise – my experience

Full body workout, sitting down.

Full body workout, sitting down.

One day, the 50-something cialis generique year old me was being visited by the representative of one of our funders. She wanted to visit one of the projects that they had been funding.

We walked briskly along to Brougham Road and joined Diana’s Chair-based Full-Body-Workout. We were in a room of about twenty people, sitting in a ragged sort of circle, music coming out through the speakers.

‘This will be a breeze’ I was thinking, ‘what a fantastic way to spend an hour while at work’. Using balls and brightly coloured rubbery bands, we started on arm exercises, side bends, twists and then moved down to leg work. I started to feel a little sweaty. This isn’t what I had been expecting. I don’t know what I was thinking. I knew the session was called a full-body-workout but I was astonished that it was. It reached parts I just wouldn’t have thought you could reach in a seated class. By the time it finished I felt stretched and strengthened, a little wearied but exhilarated.

If you think a seated class wouldn’t be worth the effort, think again.

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