Tai Chi – is it the answer to ageing?

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Tai Chi

Harvard University have produced a film called A Good Balance, about the amazing benefits of Tai Chi, especially for older people. Just two minutes long. Take a look, get inspired and come along.


Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that combines slow and flowing movements with simple meditation designed to help you maintain a healthy body and mind as you get older. It’s a great way to relieve stress and tension, ease aches and pains, and improve balance and posture, and it can leave you feeling stronger and more energised.

Our classes are led by Matt Cooper, an experienced Tai Chi instructor, and chairs will always be provided for those who would like to rest or do some exercises seated for whatever reason, whether you are new to exercise or don’t feel you’ve got good balance. £2.00

Tuesday 2 – 3 at John Scott Health Centre, Green Lanes, N4

Friday 11.30 – 12.30 Pensioners’ Hall, Brougham Road, London E8

What Tai Chi students have said

“I never thought I’d end up doing Tai Chi, but I’m so glad I found Hoxton Health’s class. It’s a weekly blast of moving my body without effort. It helps with my aches and pains, and calms my mind. I would really miss it”. Penny

“I enjoy the slowness and the sense of space most, the time to take in all the sensation of every move and find your own point of balance between exercise and meditation.  I love the class and try not to miss it.

The Tai Chi class helps me take a breath in a busy week, to slow down, be aware of what my body needs and how I am, and regain a sense of perspective and balance.  I feel I am starting out on something that is an investment for the future in learning exercises and moves that will continue to help me stay agile.” Liz

“My first time at Tai Chi and a very pleasant surprise. Gentle exercise for body and mind in a friendly community centre, and a cup of tea afterwards! Definite improvement on the competitive posturing down at the leisure centre.” Andy

What the papers say:

We all know that exercise is beneficial all through our lives, but click here to see an article about a recent report.