Job Title   Manager

Location St Leonards, Nuttall Street, London N1 5LZ

Reports to Chair of the Management Committee

Salary £42,000 plus pension contribution

Hours 21 pw salary pro rata

Annual Leave 25 days per annum pro rata

Job Summary:  The manager is responsible for all aspects of the running and development of the organisation, including finance and fundraising, staff management, monitoring and evaluation, volunteer recruitment, development of new projects and partnership with other agencies.

A  Finance and Fundraising:

1. Preparation of all submissions, applications and reports for grants and other funding from statutory, voluntary, charitable and trust organisations.  

2. Negotiating with statutory and voluntary bodies as appropriate on service agreements and other funding, including regular meetings with commissioners.

3. Leading and working closely with the management committee and the finance officer in the preparation of budgets, 

4. Together with the finance officer, to ensure the day-to-day management and processing of invoices, payments and salaries and updates to the accounting package.

5. Managing individual project budgets.

B  Monitoring, Evaluation and Reports

1. Ensuring that effective records are kept at all times for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

2. Producing monitoring and evaluation reports as required by funders, on time and on target.

C  Development, Outreach and Partnership Working

To promote the aims of HH through:

1. Arranging the representation of HH at local community and health promotion events.

2. Working with community groups, medical education groups and other health professionals through outreach work.

3. Leading in the preparation and distribution of leaflets and publicity, dealing with enquiries from the press and undertaking public speaking. 

4. Leading in the facilitation of research work which will be carried out at HH.

5. Attending community and voluntary sector meetings and any other relevant meetings with partner agencies.

D  Governance

1. Attending all meetings of the management committee and finance sub committee and ensuring that accurate records of proceedings and decisions made at such meetings are kept.

2. Have a good understanding of charity law and company law and other legislation related to the services and policies of HH, as a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

3. Providing reports and other relevant information to the management committee regarding performance indicators, income streams and up-to-date financial statements. 

4. Consulting with and advising the management committee on any changes which it may propose to make which may affect the policies and funding of HH.

5. Preparing the Annual Report, convening the Annual General Meeting, assisting in the recruitment of new members for the management committee, processing the nomination of members for election and arranging induction and training sessions for members of the management committee.

E  Working Standards and Policies

1. Being responsible for the day-to-day arrangements of the centre and ensuring that practitioner equipment is properly maintained and supplies are available.

2. Ensuring that IT and telecoms are properly functional.

3. Ensuring the organisation’s compliance with external policies by ensuring that internal policies and procedures, including DBR staff checks, risk assessment, health and safety, HR, finance, HR and other regulatory frameworks.

4. Ensuring adequate insurance cover for public liability, property and services.

F  Personnel

1. Being responsible for recruitment, induction of new personnel and disciplinary and grievance procedures.

2. Overseeing the work of Clinic Administrator and volunteers and ensuring cover at all times.

4. Arranging any training deemed necessary by the management committee or through training needs analysis.

5. Facilitating communication between practitioners and management committee.

6. Being responsible for guiding the work of the Volunteer Coordinator and the Clinical Supervisors, ensuring the best outcome for volunteers and service users.

G  Equal Opportunities

To ensure that Hoxton Health has a vibrant and diverse group of trustees, service providers and service users and that it promotes and complies with Equal Opportunities legislation and that policies are implemented for staff and volunteers, service users and management committee. 

H  Other general responsibilities

 Any other reasonable duties which may arise in the course of a day’s work, or, as requested by the management committee.

Hoxton Health Manager Person specification


The successful applicant will have the following experience and skills:

Ability to form good relationships with a range of people.

Understanding of non-pharmaceutical alternatives for improving the lives and health of older people.

Understanding of the health inequalities affecting older people and others in our community.

A deep understanding of inequalities and how they particularly affect older people and those in our community.

Understanding of the obstacles people experience to improve their health and well being.

Ability to make objective judgements against criteria.

Ability to juggle several, sometimes competing, priorities.

Ability to draw up budgets, business plans and accounts.

Experience of serving committees and sub committees

Successful fundraising history.

Experience of delivering services to improve health and wellbeing.

Experience of managing a small team.

Excellent customer care.

IT skills, specifically Word and Excel.

An understanding of the voluntary and/or statutory sector in East London.

Core competencies

To apply, you must be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

Communication – interacting well verbally and in writing with service users, colleagues and wider stakeholders.

People skills – working as part of a team, anticipating and meeting colleague requirements.

Reasoning and judgement – making the right decisions, analysing and solving problems, using initiative appropriately.

Personal effectiveness – planning work, prioritising tasks, being flexible, meeting deadlines, providing quality work, being enthusiastic.

Learning – continuously improving, adapting to new ideas, being self- motivated.

Terms and Conditions

Permanent contract

21 hours a week

Annual leave entitlement: 25 days per year plus bank holidays (pro rata)

£42000 per year (pro rata)

Location: Currently Nuttall Street, London N1 5LZ

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