The difference between being young and old is the ability to bounce back when things go wrong, in your life and in your health. We seem to lose that ability as we get older and that’s why older people need to do more and get more help to keep well. Being able to bounce back is called Personal Resilience.

Hoxton Health started life in October 1987, devised and set up by residents of local estates in Hoxton (in south Hackney) who wanted to look at ways to improve the health of older people whose life expectancy then was ten years LESS than their peers in Chelsea.

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Better health and well-being is associated with greater resilience so, since 1987 Hoxton Health has been running low-cost specialised and supported exercise classes and one-to-one therapies which put older people at their heart.

Starting with acupuncture and homeopathy, the services expanded to meet demand and we now offer acupuncture, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, foot health, herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage, reflexology and shiatsu.

Hoxton Health is a charity (Reg. Charity No 1127769) and limited company (Reg. Company No 6766670), with a Board of Trustees who meet six times a year.

Executive powers are devolved to a manager who runs the organisation with the help of the practitioners, staff and a team of volunteers.

Susan Chambers (Chair)
Carolyn Clark
Gerry Harris
Dr Tessa Katz
Dr Laura Lyttleton (Treasurer)
Deborah Rhys
Lou White
Janet Cobill
Liz Hughes
Marie Poli
Diana Rogers
Fatima Bailey (Acupuncture)
Cherene Bennett (Foot Health)
Paula Branch (Foot Health)
Anne Derby (Aromatherapy and Medical Herbalism)
Esperanza Fernandez (Acupuncture)
Jennifer Irving (Foot Health)
Massimo Lenotti (Osteopathy)
Rosemary Mason (Aromatherapy Massage)
Wendy Morgan (Reflexology)
Michelle Mylonas (Aromatherapy Massage)
Tina Neumann (Homeopathy)
Lia Schiesches (Craniosacral Therapy)
Ruth Solomon (Shiatsu)