Consultant’s Brief for an Organisational Review of Hoxton Health


In 1987 Hoxton Health was set up with Inner City Partnership money to compensate the community for the loss of St Leonard’s and the Metropolitan Hospitals. Local people designed a service that is the basis of what we offer today; a different way of helping older people get and stay healthy. At its inception there was a 10 year difference between the life expectancy of a man in Hackney and a man in Chelsea. Over the years, this discrepancy has decreased, and the delivery of health services, the voluntary sector, services for older people and the national and local demographic has changed. We now see local discrepancies in life expectancy as new populations in Hackney age, and the gap between the life chances of rich and poor increases.  

Hoxton Health charges the vast majority of service users a fee for our services, but as our basic principle is that complementary therapies have a lot to offer older people in terms of improving and sustaining their health and to make access to better health available to everyone, we also waive the fees for some people, and we keep charges to a minimum in general. We have been therefore dependent on grant funding to make up the difference between our user fee income and the costs of running our service.

Changing Circumstances

With changing funding landscapes, both nationally and locally, and with some internal changes approaching (we are considering moving premises, and our long term manager will leave next year), Hoxton Health is taking the opportunity to evaluate its current position, and look at options for future development.

Focus of the Review

  • An organisational review
    This would primarily look at the sustainability of our model and consider if we could meet our principle objectives in another way, if it is not. It would include a review of our current services, our monitoring and evaluation (is it relevant to potential funders or supporters?) our marketing, processes, impact reporting and governance. It would include interviewing current but particularly potential service users (do they know about what we offer, are they interested, and why don’t they use us?), as well as staff, practitioners and local and other stakeholders.  We will identify areas of particular concern.
  • A review of our future direction options appraisal
    This would include looking at our funding and pricing options, moving premises, staff restructuring.  The resulting options appraisal would be agreed by the Steering Group and then presented to the Hoxton Health board for review
  • 5 year strategy document and business plan
    Once the board has reviewed the options appraisal, and made a decision on the future direction and, if relevant the consultant would then draw up a 5 Year Strategy document and 2 year Business Plan for implementation.

Informing the Review

A range of existing information is available to inform the review including

  • Our financial reporting systems
  • Our booking system, and associated statistics
  • Our current evaluation of services including service user evaluation
  • Funding bids, both successful and unsuccessful and our own knowledge of funders
  • Marketing materials

We welcome suggestions from interested parties in how best to deliver the review.

A small Steering Group will be available to meet with the consultant at key stages of the process to shape delivery and support the work. Additional support such as carrying out surveys and contacting key stakeholders can also be provided.


Tender advertised:  February 2020

Tender return date: 7th March 2020

Interviews (if required): week beginning 16th March 2020

Tender awarded: week beginning 30th March 2020

Review: to be agreed


A budget of £12000 is available for the project consultant. Payment will be released at key stages of the project as follows:

  • 50% on signing contract
  • 30% at an agreed interim point of the project – this will be based on an agreed project plan
  • 20% on submission of final reports

Responding to this brief

Please provide the following information 

  • Method statement: how do you propose to deliver the work to deliver the work within the proposed timescales. Please include a project plan with key milestones and dates. 
  • Experience of delivering similar reviews, including examples 
  • Staff: who will deliver the work and their skills and experience
  • Price: please provide a breakdown of costs (please be clear on any anticipated costs not included)

The deadline for submitting proposals is 5pm on 7th March 2020 

Assessment and Criteria

We will be assessing submissions based on the criteria listed below, and if necessary we may ask you to interview. 

If required, interviews will be held during the week commencing 16th March 2020

Method Statement – will have demonstrated that the chosen methodology will deliver the required outcomes Weighting 40%

Experience of delivering this kind of project, including examples/case studies and experience / qualifications of staff directly working on the project Weighting 20%

An achievable project plan including, timescales and key milestones Weighting 20%

Value for money Weighting 20%

If you are considering applying and would like to discuss the brief, please contact Janet Cobill 020 7739 2533

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