Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on therapy which assists the body’s natural capacity for self-repair. You will usually lie on a treatment table while the therapist’s hands make a light contact. This gentle approach does not use manipulation. The therapist listens, via the hands, to what is going on in your body, and identifies and helps to relieve pain or tension held there. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation and became aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations.

Craniosacral Therapy is client-led. Your body will set the pace of work, so you will remain comfortable, in control and able to integrate the changes that occur. Since it is your body (rather than your mind) that sets the priorities, you may find that the reason you came for treatment is not what changes first. Our therapist is Lia Schiesches at Hoxton Health. Lia Schiesches can also be found via her website

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