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We are delighted to welcome John Philbin to Hoxton Health to start a new acupuncture clinic with us. John has joined us from Monday 22nd May and has taken over Esperanza’s clinic.

John has 30 years experience in treating a wide range of health issues as well as supporting patients undergoing conventional treatment for various health conditions. 

In his treatment approach, he believes we are all unique and that the notion that one size fits all is ill-founded. From a holistic perspective finding a treatment that works for an individual is paramount. Creating a treatment plan specific to a person’s needs is a key element in supporting their goal of achieving optimal health.

Initially training in holistic medical massage and aromatherapy, he then went on to train as an acupuncturist. He specialises in chronic pain, stress related illness and fertility. 

John also studied Balance Method acupuncture with the late Grandmaster Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan. The Balance Method has revolutionised the acupuncture world. This simple, logical 3-step strategy precisely and effectively stimulates a minimal number of distal points. The system is rooted in the ancient classics of Acupuncture, the Nei Jing, and based on the concept of healing the body by balancing channels/meridians. John also incorporates bodywork into his treatments tailoring treatments specific to an individual’s needs.

Acupuncture treatments are available every Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the full price list, please visit our treatments page here: https://hoxtonhealth.org/treatments. To book an appointment or if you have any queries, please feel free to call us on 020 7739 2533 or email reception@hoxtonhealth.org.

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