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First of all, there is absolutely nothing to be nervous about. The whole experience is calming and yet, at the same time, stimulating. I came away from my session feeling slightly dreamlike, very relaxed and very positive. If I’d stayed there any longer, I’d have been asleep within minutes!

Ruth, the practitioner, is a quiet and gentle person who greets you with a smile. There is no need to be intimidated by her or the idea of shiatsu.

Before you lie down, there are a few easy questions about your general health and why you are there. Ruth might also ask what you know about shiatsu and whether you’ve had it before. I had had it before (with a different practitioner) but was very open to seeing what it might be like with someone else. 

Ruth’s shiatsu feels non-invasive, firm but not uncomfortable. Yes, the mattress is on the floor but Ruth will support you if you find it hard to get up and down. Once down, though, it is very comfortable and Ruth kneels and sits on the mattress as she moves around you. It is so much more than a massage. Some of the points she worked on felt a little tender (presumably because they related to a problem area). Usually, by the time she moved to a different point, that tenderness had eased. My muscles began to feel less tense, and with it my mind slowly emptied and I felt more and more relaxed. At times I could feel heat coming from her hands. That was no doubt the energy or chi passing between us. 

I got the impression that Ruth prefers to save any chat or questions for the end of the session so that she can give her full attention to her practice. That seems quite reasonable to me, particularly on a first visit where she is trying to get a picture of what’s going on.

At the end of the session, I had a drink of water (why does it make one feel so thirsty?) and we chatted a bit about the session before I left.

So, would I recommend this therapy? Yes, for almost anything. It is definitely worth giving it a try – more than once! It can take several sessions to build a relationship with a therapist and for their work to take full effect. But even just one visit will get the ball rolling.

Personally, I will use shiatsu in future to keep my body and mind in harmony to avoid problems occurring by going on regular basis several times a year, even if I am not aware that anything is wrong. But I would also use it to deal with specific problems under the advice of the practitioner.

Why not give it a try?

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